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5 Tips for Selling Online Successfully at Zulily

Unlock the secrets to successfully generating business growth by selling on Zulily.

When you sell on Zulily, you gain access to millions of customers in a very powerful, influential demographic – moms – who shop Zulily to discover something the whole family will love, at prices that help them balance their budgets. Our customers are excited and inspired to come back often to see what’s new. But with so many things competing for moms’ attention, how can you really stand out and have success selling online at Zulily?

As you strategize to reach this in-demand audience, discover insider tips on how to sell on Zulily successfully, plus get professional guidance on how you can connect with millions of moms who shop our site and mobile app each day. By partnering with Zulily, you can more easily expand your customer base and sell more products.

Tip #1: Have eye-catching, high-quality images

Photography plays a critical role in nearly every online purchasing decision. In fact, according to a study by retail solutions platform company Field Agent, up to 83% of U.S. — ranking higher than product descriptions, customer reviews and star ratings.

We know our customer – Mom – responds well to engaging, dynamic and high-quality images of products. Here are a few ways you can achieve the best customer experience for Mom every time she shops your products on Zulily:

  • Consider diversity when selecting models, including different ethnicities, body types, physical abilities, ages, identities and more.
  • Choose a location with a simple background so your product will stand out.
  • Good lighting is key – lighting should be clean without distracting shadows or highlights on products or models.
  • Incorporate some extra space in your photography – multiple crops can be achieved when the camera is pulled back and extra space is given to the composition.

Follow Zulily’s Lifestyle Imagery Guide for additional photography guidance and art direction for creating imagery that will resonate with our customer.

Tip #2: Make the most of Zulily’s warehousing and fulfillment solutions

Zulily’s in-stock program – Triple Z – offers a suite of services to help you unlock business success. Triple Z third-party logistics allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, while we manage your inventory and fulfillment.

Here’s how Triple Z works:

  • We store your inventory at one of our fulfillment centers in advance of an event – this allows your products to be featured more frequently on Zulily’s site and mobile app and shipped more quickly (12 days faster than average).
  • As a result, you can sell more and make your customers happier. In fact, Zulily vendors have achieved an average of 74% higher revenue per SKU than if they shipped the products themselves – and have seen up to 20% improvement in customer satisfaction.

Tip #3: Provide detailed product information

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but using vivid, descriptive language in your product descriptions will create imagery, too, and compel customers to purchase immediately.


In order to drive sales, product descriptions must be done right:

  • A good product description not only explains the features, but also the benefits, aka the value those features bring to a customer.
  • Less is more. Avoid lengthy descriptions and include proper keywords to help products show up in search results.

Tip #4: Showcase what makes your brand special

Does your brand give back to the community? Is it small, women-owned, or minority-owned? Are products made in the U.S.? Let us know so we can inform our customers – they’re eager to shop brands and make purchases that reflect their beliefs and support the causes and communities they care about.

Your brand may even qualify for a on our site and mobile app or special banners.

Tip #5: Take advantage of Zulily’s free marketing tools and expertise

We go the extra mile to ensure our vendors have the right strategies in place to support their business growth. Our dedicated, experienced marketing team partners with you to develop a custom creative strategy that will vividly tell your brand story.

From custom photography, copywriting, and design services, Zulily’s marketing tools are designed to ensure the right customers see your products. Plus, our network of more than 700 influencer partners market the brands and products featured on our site and app – so you sell more and sell faster.

Interested in selling on Zulily? Let’s grow your business together. Get started here.