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Ability to Discontinue SKUs 

We are excited to announce the launch of “Ability to Discontinue SKUs via the Catalog on the Vendor Portal”. The second milestone in the journey of providing Vendor Self-Service capabilities on the Portal.

Starting today, login to the Vendor Portal and head to the Catalog, which is available in your top menu bar. You will have a new menu option “discontinue selected products” under the “Actions” menu. You can access this option once you have selected a desired SKU to discontinue. You can find the How-To Guide here.

What is it?

  • You will now be able to access your Catalog for existing SKUs on the Portal and discontinue styles/products with a reason code for styles/products you can no longer offer.
    • You are still responsible to fulfill any demand on current open POs or demand from live events when discontinuing. We will surface current open POs and future curated events during the discontinue SKU process.
    • Triple Z inventory for discontinued SKUs will continue to be sold unless inventory is otherwise placed on a sales channel hold.
  • You can also Reactivate SKUs/styles at a later point if needed.

Upcoming Features on the Catalog on the Portal:

  • Upload images for existing SKUs
  • Bulk Update capabilities
  • Enable updates to copy related attributes