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Compliance Team Announcement: Prohibited Products Policy


This page identifies types of products that are not eligible to be sold by Qurate Retail Group’s brands: QVC, HSN, Zulily, Ballard Designs, Frontgate, Garnet Hill, and Grandin Road. Products that are not included in this policy must still comply with all applicable laws. Qurate Retail Group, in its own discretion, will remove the listing of any product that might be in violation of law, this policy, or any other Qurate Retail Group policy. This Prohibited Products Policy and corresponding list is reviewed on a periodic basis and is subject to change.


Prohibited Products

  • Critical use products used for lifesaving applications (e.g., CPR kits) • Most invasive/non-invasive self-treatment and self-diagnostic products
  • Breath-testing devices and breathalyzers
  • Tobacco, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  • Folk medicines, snake oil remedies and unsubstantiated dietary supplements
  • Restricted chemicals and chemical products (e.g., gas mileage enhancers, glyphosate-containing herbicides)
  • Live animals, and any product which by its sale and use may cause harm, injury, or death to any live animal (e.g., traps, poisons, etc.)
  • Animal products derived from Angora goat or rabbit, bear, elephant, mammoth, mink, murmansky, rhinoceros, shark, or whale. Please refer to our Global Business Partner Code of Conduct for further detail.
  • Products composed of, or including ingredients derived from, fauna or flora accepted to be endangered by CITES (Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species in Wild Flora and Fauna) Appendices, or by any governing body within Qurate Retail Group business markets
  • Violent, obscene, or pornographic materials containing nudity, sexual innuendo, or the sexualization of children
  • Products containing profanity, offensive, or culturally insensitive words • Products promoting hatred, racism or intolerance including stereotypes on nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation (including costumes that refer to specific ethnic cultures, and flags or maps shown in a destructive manner or manipulated from international standards)
  • Weapons and weapon-related products
  • Covert surveillance equipment, including surveillance drones
  • High-risk recreation equipment (e.g., parachutes, bungee-jumping cords)
  • Baby crib bumpers, incline sleepers, and infant sleep positioners
  • Unauthorized copies or reproductions of artwork that violate any copyright or trademark
  • Banknotes or coins considered legal tender
  • Gambling and wagering games/devices


Version: May 24, 2022