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Hazmat Team Announcement: Update to the Lithium Battery Test Summary Regulations 

This is an update to the 2020 announcement posted previously:

The Department of Transportation – in alignment with current international regulations – is now requiring that a copy of the UN38.3 Test Summary be available upon request for ALL lithium-powered products. (A Test Report will also be acceptable.) 

The original regulations were slated to be established by January of 2020 but will now take effect this coming January of 2022. Zulily is monitoring these regulation updates for any potential additional changes.

UN38.3 documents should be provided by cell/battery suppliers to vendors, who must keep these documents available.

A Test Summary (or Test Report) should be available for each specific cell/battery provided. Products that include more than one kind of lithium cell/battery will require separate documents for each type.

All lithium cells/batteries in any products proposed to Zulily will be tested to this standard or we may not be able to accept the item(s). You may submit UN38.3 documents along with product submissions to help minimize any delays in reviewing your item(s).

Reach out to the Dangerous Goods team ( or your Zulily contact for more information.