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Zulily and RangeMe Partner to Accelerate Product Sourcing Innovation

The past decade has seen major growth in the e-commerce industry – and there’s room to grow further. In fact, the e-commerce market could increase from $3.3 trillion today to $5.4 trillion in 2026.

As more consumers turn to online shopping to satisfy their wants and needs, e-commerce retailers must understand how customers shop and make it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for. This is why Zulily has partnered with RangeMe, the world’s largest product discovery and sourcing platform for retailers and suppliers, to help accelerate innovation and efficiently source products for our core customers – millions of moms.

“We are committed to serving moms with the most important products and brands that are relevant to her life and lifestyle in order to make discovery fast and easy,” said Kaylee Shim, Director of Business Development at Zulily. “By partnering with RangeMe, we’re able to scale product sourcing, making it easier for moms to discover products for her family and develop relationships with brands they love, so they’re excited to come back often to see what’s new.”

Zulily provides a personalized and fun shopping experience that helps moms maximize their time and savings, featuring curated selections and styles for the family at great prices, every day. From small boutique brands to large household names, thousands of companies already sell on Zulily to reach millions of moms with shopping intent, as moms are responsible for the majority of household purchase decisions. 

Partnering with RangeMe enables us to expedite discovery and consideration of new and exclusive products for moms that are relevant to the shopping experience they want and need.

“As a busy mom, I am Zulily’s target audience, and I appreciate their dedication to showcasing new and unique products and deals on top brands regularly,” said Nicky Jackson, Founder and CEO of RangeMe. “They set high standards for brands to be included under their banner, and with thousands of suppliers and products on RangeMe, they will be able to source from the best established and emerging brands in the market today.”

Through RangeMe, Zulily will have access to more than 200,000 suppliers representing almost one million products and the ability to efficiently streamline the submission process for suppliers interested in getting their products on the e-retailer’s site and mobile app. This will allow our buyers to streamline sourcing of new and innovative products and increase the availability and selection of styles that are available to moms.

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