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Upload Images for Existing Styles in the Catalog

You now have the ability upload images for existing Styles in the Catalog! This is the third milestone in the journey of providing Vendor Self-Service capabilities in the Catalog on the Portal.

Starting today, login to the Vendor Portal and head to the Catalog, you will have a new “Images” tab option within the Catalog. You can access this tab once you have selected a desired classification (for example; Adult Apparel, Tech & Travel, Home, etc.). For more detailed information please use our How-To Guide.

What is it?

  • You can now upload images to existing styles in the Catalog by dragging and dropping images or browsing from a folder.
  • Provide better visibility into the status of your images.
    • This includes images that are uploaded within Event Approval.
    • Please note that our teams work images based on styles going live in events. Images may not be worked till they are loaded in upcoming events.

Upcoming Features to the Portal

  • Upload documents for New SKUs
  • Provide Images for New SKUs
  • Bulk capabilities