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Zulily Connects Millions of Moms to Brands by Leveraging Influencers

Imagine your brand or product featured on an influencer’s TikTok account shown to over 500,000 people. One way to increase brand loyalty is by investing in influencer marketing. This helps brands reach customers on a channel where they engage, compelling them with the right product and the right message. Zulily has done that work for you, cultivating relationships with over 1,000 influencers who have audiences ranging from 5,000 to over 500,000 followers and an engagement rate of 3% to more than 10%. In doing so, we build support opportunities for long-lasting positive
interactions between vendors and moms that drive impactful sales and repeat customers.

Our target customer – and the addressable market of 85 million moms in the U.S.1 – has evolved and
changed their shopping behaviors and expectations.
They’re highly influenced by what they see online – and are
especially interested in what their favorite influencers are sharing. They seek curation from TikTok and Instagram or word-of-mouth via their friends and have a new expectation that their own priorities and interests will be understood by
the brand or influencer with whom they interact. For vendors, that means tapping into this powerful tool to drive customers to their brand.

The Unique Way Zulily Helps Brands Drive Sales: Influencer Marketing

We’re always interested in diversifying our marketing channels to engage the coveted market of moms in the U.S. who are responsible for $2.4 trillion dollars2 in spend. Newer to the Zulily marketing mix: our influencer program. Influencers drive significant growth in customer acquisition among moms aged 25-44, and we have grown our affiliate and influencer partner base accordingly by nearly 900% from 2020 to 2021. It’s now one of our most successful channels for brands to acquire new customers since it enables us to connect products directly with highly engaged and interested shoppers.

Zulily now has direct relationships with over 1,000 influencers and counting. We partner with influencers who are moms and who bring their shopping experience to our customer community. This in turn brings trust, authenticity, and diversity to the program, while easing mom’s buying decisions. By leveraging an influencer’s large followings on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms where moms like to engage, we can increase the potential reach of your product and brand.


Borrowing Trust: The New Marketing Role

Moms are more connected now than ever. In fact, more than one in four TikTok users are moms, while on Instagram, one in four women over 18 in the US are moms – and of those, 93% use Instagram at least once a week, and 68% use it daily.

There’s an innate level of borrowed trust from influencers; moms connect with their content, and then once moms land on our site, our curation drives appreciation and an intrinsic connection as moms want an experience that speaks directly to them – adding value to life efficiencies and time savings.

Using our data-driven insights, we can align our influencer partners with the consumer shopping journey throughout the year, meeting our customers exactly where they are and within their budget.

The Next Evolution of Zulily

We’re able to grow our programs by understanding the customers we serve. We know that she wants a shopping experience that she’ll enjoy, but also one that makes her life easier. This is why Zulily recently unveiled new features and functionalities at it evolves its business model from flash sales to an online superstore, featuring exclusive daily deals in conjunction with a new, always-on everyday offering.

These changes enable us to be more strategic partners with our influencers by providing the option to promote items that best align with their audiences for longer periods of time. In doing so, we increase exposure of featured products across social media and blog channels that moms frequent to connect and engage, so brands can create deeper, more meaningful relationships and build value consideration and loyalty.

Case Study: Little Millie Collaboration with Influencers Jessica Nickson and Noelle Downing

To test how we further bring variety and uniqueness to our shopping experience, we recently tapped into influencers to design an exclusive limited-time capsule collection of apparel and soft goods for baby and mom in collaboration with the fan favorite Little Millie brand. 

Designed for the early days of bonding between moms and babies, the collections were co-designed by two new moms and fashion influencers, Jessica Nickson (619k Instagram followers) and Noelle Downing (448K Instagram followers) and feature more than 20 different styles and trends across 170 products, from rompers, blankets, caps, and sleep sacks to matching robes for moms, with price points ranging from $8.99 to $46.99.

By bringing to life this first-ever influencer-inspired capsule collection, we’re able to create new on-trend styles for moms, infants, and toddlers, all of which are essential categories in any new mom’s purchasing journey. At the same time, we can elevate the Little Mille brand by broadening their assortment of easy-to-wear apparel for babies and toddlers and amplifying visibility and loyalty through Jessica and Noelle’s engaged audiences.

“Jessica and Noelle have unique and inspirational styles that we adored,” says Kiki Lockwood, merchandising manager for kids’ apparel at Zulily. “We were excited to add influencers, who are both new moms, to lend their authentic and diverse experiences with motherhood to the equation. This is a winning combination that brings exciting new offerings designed and produced for real, everyday life with infants.”

Understanding what’s top of mind for moms – and kids – is critical to our business and going straight to the source helps us improve our shopping experience.

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