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Hazmat Announcement: Lithium Battery Test Summary 

As of 2020, manufacturers, shippers, and distributors of lithium batteries and cells must be able to make available the Lithium Battery Test summary for domestic and international travel as specified in the UN Manual of Test and Criteria, Part III, sub-section 38.3, paragraph 38.3.5. In order to comply with this regulation Zulily may reach out to vendors and business partners to acquire this form.

This applies to all vendors who sell Lithium Batteries classified as:

Class 9 – Miscellaneous dangerous goods 

UN 3090, Lithium metal batteries

UN 3480, Lithium ion batteries

UN 3091, Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment

UN 3091, Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment

UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment

UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries packed with equipment

The Lithium Battery Test Summary, otherwise known as UN 38.3 test report, applies to all lithium batteries and cells manufactured after June 30, 2003. The test summary must confirm the battery has passed the testing criteria to transport safely.  To comply with this new regulation, the Dangerous Goods Team at Zulily, will start to require vendors who sell lithium battery products to send in, or have available, the UN 38.3 test report.

The UN 38.3 test report presents a combination of significant environmental, mechanical, and electrical stresses designed to assess lithium batteries’ ability to withstand the anticipated rigors incurred during transport. For more information on how the UN 38.3 test report is conducted visit:

Each UN 38.3 test report shall provide the following information in accordance with the UN Manual of Test and Criteria:

  • Name of cell, battery, or product manufacturer, as applicable
  • Cell, battery, or product manufacturer’s contact information to include address, phone number, email address and website for more information;
  • Name of the test laboratory to include address, phone number, email address, and website for more information;
  • A unique test report identification number;
  • Date of test report
  • Description of cell or battery to include at a minimum:
    • Lithium ion or lithium metal cell or battery;
    • Mass;
    • Watt-hour rating, or lithium content;
    • Physical description of the cell/battery; and
    • Model numbers.
  • List of tests conducted and results (i.e., pass/fail);
  • Reference to the revised edition of the Manual of Tests and Criteria used and to amendments thereto, if any; and
  • Signature with name and title of signatory as an indication of the validity of information provided.

Please send the UN 38.3 test report along with any applicable Safety Data Sheets to your Zulily representative. Your Zulily representatives have been informed and will transfer the test summary to the Dangerous Goods team.

For general questions or information, please visit the Dangerous Goods and Hazmat Announcements or contact the Dangerous Goods team at