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Millions of moms can’t wait to see what your brand has to offer

With daily delights and everyday selections, Zulily offers a different kind of shopping experience that inspires moms to come back often to see what’s new

Why Sell on Zulily?

Your brand reaches moms with shopping intent

5+ billion pieces of data are collected and analyzed as moms shop to deepen personalization, ensuring your product is shown to the most relevant audiences.

Fun shopping

Our combination of everyday offerings available all year round, plus unique items and limited-time deals, keeps moms excited and inspired to come back daily to see what’s new.


Curated selections and styles for the family makes us the only retailer that can showcase small boutique brands waiting to be discovered alongside beloved household brand names.


Ability to meet moms where and when they prefer to shop thanks to Zulily’s mobile app – 75% of orders are placed on mobile devices.


Step 1
Fill out our quick and easy web application form. Category buyers will review your submission and, if we see a match,  will contact you directly to discuss your products and work with you to set up your event. Already working with a Zulily buyer?  Be sure to enter their name when applying!
Step 2
Finish you final setup in our portal and work with your new buyer to launch your product. Zulily launches featured limited time sales events for 3 days as well as everyday offerings that are featured all year round. Your Zulily team can help you determine the best option for your business. 
Step 3
We will send you purchase orders for all items sold on the schedule determined by your team. Zulily pays for shipping from your U.S. location to one of our fulfillment centers, where we package and ship your goods. We also work with drop-ship partners if it is a good fit for both.

Powerful tools designed for every stage of business growth

Gain access to a variety of solutions to help your brand succeed

What can you sell on Zulily?

We offer an unparalleled selection of items for the whole family across a number of categories
Do you sell products that moms and kids will love?
Submit your company information today!

Vendor Stories

From small boutique brands to large household names, thousands of companies have grown their businesses with Zulily
“KidKraft has been working with Zulily for well over a decade and we consider them one of our key partners. Not only is the Zulily team a pleasure to work with, but their user-friendly portal provides real time sales which allows us to make actionable updates and their experienced marketing team is a key driver in making our items successful in promotional events. Our vision for strategizing and growing the business is always aligned which helps create a successful branded experience for the customer.”

Lauren O’Connor

“Working with Zulily offers us the opportunity to reach a broad audience, more than any other online sales venue. We receive weekly updates and sales reports in real time, allowing us to respond to our customers’ needs and make necessary changes to improve sales. At Zulily, we are part of the team, always working together to achieve our goals and beyond.”

Deborah “Deb” Schoch and LeeAnn Stover (Founders and Designers)
Millie Loves Lily

“Tutu and Lulu Fashion Inc. started selling on Zulily over 10 years ago. Zulily has provided our business the platform, advice, and logistics to help grow our children’s clothing brands exponentially. With the support of our buyer, we have expanded our product line-up, streamlined our marketing efforts, and achieved strong predictable growth. We highly recommend Zulily as a partner to grow your business.”

Pam MacPhee
Tutu and Lulu Fashion
“Working with Zulily has been more convenient than most marketplace portals. The portal itself is well-organized and user-friendly and they are always making innovative improvements. Communication is very important to us and their team is always available and happy to help. They have made our experience much better with the great help of reliable assistance and all of their available portal resources. We are very grateful to share a wonderful partnership with Zulily over the years.”

Andrea Cox
Picasso Tiles

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, take a look at the Zulily site and app and get to know our customer. If you think your brand is a good fit, fill out our application form. If we see a fit, a member of the Zulily team will reach out to you directly to discuss your product(s). As soon as we have the details worked out, your event can launch. We’ll send you a purchase order for all items sold. Then, all you need to do is ship your goods, and Zulily pays for shipping from your U.S. location.

Zulily does not charge a service fee. However, you may incur fees if your company is approved for Zulily’s in-stock program, Triple Z. Your Zulily team can help you determine the best option for your business.

Zulily will cover the cost to ship your goods domestically. International shipping costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

We can start selling your products on our site in just a few weeks.

Funds are deposited directly into your preferred bank account, or you can elect to be paid by credit card, wire transfer, or factor payments.

Your Zulily merchandising team (Buyer and Assistant Buyer) are your contacts for event-related inquiries about pricing, inventory updates, creative needs, event planning and more. Your Zulily Account Manager is your contact for any questions that pertain to the Routing Guide, shipping & reconciliation of POs, logistics, and assistance on the Vendor Portal. Your Zulily accounts payable specialist is your contact for all inquiries related to invoice and payment.

Let’s grow your business — together!

Sell more, sell faster, and get access to millions of moms